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So I decided it was time to bring my website up to spec according the the HTML 4.0 specification at W3C, the Web standards site. It was a little more painful than I had anticipated. I learned HTML several years ago when it was still in version 3.0, so you can imagine I was a litle out of the loop. I paid a visit to the HTML Verifier that W3C maintains, and used it to check my code. HA! It showed up over 100 errors, not valid HTML 4.0.

Long story short, I took it upon myself this afternoon to revamp the code. I created a style sheet, and put all of the basic housekeeping in there (colors, fonts, margins, text size, etc.). It’s actually a lot easier that way. I always prevented myself from using style sheets, because I never saw the use. After playing around a little bit, I can totally see what the hype is about. (Okay, so there’s probably no hype, and if there was, it most likely happened years ago when the things first came around. - Let me have fun.) Okay. Well as you can tell by the icon at the bottom of the site’s front page, my efforts were fruitful, the W3C validated my code, and it fits the HTML 4.0 specs!

iPod Mini: A Static Situation

The iPod Mini has problem with static. It seems that the the headphone jack is faulty and after standard use for about 40 days, mechanics go fowl, and cause unavoidable static in the playback. Apple has acknowledged the issue, and is looking into it. Meanwhile hoards of iPod Mini owners are returning to the Apple Store in droves to cash in on their AppleCare plan for a warranty replacement. I wonder, could this be the cause of the months of delays in the iPod Mini product? Apple is claiming it has to do with the unprecedented popularity, but is it really because they saw this issue coming, and are trying to hold back on shipping until the situation is fixed? A little conspiracy speculation for you. We’ll see what happens.

eMac Speed Bump

Uh oh. It’s happening. Apple has given the eMac line a speed bump today, and lowered the prices at the same time. Could this be the beginning of product line enhancements? The 3 Ghz PowerMac G5 is supposed to show up soon, and it’s been ages since the iBooks and PowerBooks have seen any enhancements. We know these things are going to happen, but is it really going to take until June for the announcement? I’m in the market for a new notebook, and I’m interested to know what’s heating up in Cupertino. New eMacs, only the beginning? Let’s hope so!

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