Experience across industries, from startups to large enterprise

Capital One, Tact.ai, Walmart Labs, TechsStyle Fashion Group, Who What Wear, Milliways Ventures, Rocketship VC, Humboldt State University

What his colleagues have said...

Charles is one of the most balanced designers I've ever had the good fortune to know. He could transition his design thinking - and output - from abstract to concrete at the blink of an eye. The quality of his work was always exceptional for whatever use case you could throw at him. The number one comment we always received from our customers was how good our UI was, and that was all thanks to Charles. I had more than one customer tell me they wished they had our design system. He is a true collaborator in every sense, his sharp sense of humour will keep you laughing, and he will always stay true to his word.

Eric Wilson, Vice President, CX Technologies @ Salesforce (worked together at Tact.ai)

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