Apple Event Follow-up §

Back in August I published some armchair analysis and predictions for Apple’s Fall event. Well the event happened, and as I’ve done in the past I thought I’d better follow-up and score my predictions.

I predicted the event would flow in 3 acts + Prologue and a “One more thing…”. There was indeed a Prologue, and there were 3 acts, but they weren’t necessarily the ones I predicted. Here’s a quick summary of what I thought we’d see, and instead what we got.

By the way, I give myself a B-. (Using a completely imaginary and undocumented scale, on a curve.)


I predicted some feel-good videos, some company stats, and a review of the retail stores. Well, we got a funny introduction video featuring Tim Cook in Carpool Karaoke with James Corden, I’ll take credit for that prediction. What I didn’t see coming, what no one saw coming, was Shigeru Miyamoto (the widely revered creator of Super Mario) take the stage to show off a brand new Mario game for iPhone. Finally.

Act One

Totally wrong. I thought we’d see some slight iPad updates going into the holidays. We didn’t. Instead we saw collaboration in iWork (again…?). Okay Apple, if you say so…

Act Two

Yep. I think I nailed this one, even down to the disappearance of the solid gold Edition line. A slight miss: they are keeping the original watch model around (I didn’t think they would), however I count it as only “slight” because they upgraded the internal CPU to be the same as the new Series 2.

Act Three

Some nuance to this, I’ll just go through it as a list:

  1. Wrong: iPhone 7, yes, not iPhone 6 SE as I predicted
  2. Correct: same form factors, new colors, different antenna configurations
  3. Correct: new cameras, dual on the Plus, better sensors, better apertures… didn’t predict, but happy to see: optical image stabilization on the non-Plus model.
  4. Wrong: they did remove the mechanical Home button. It’s solid with the Taptic Engine behind it to give the sensation of clicking.
  5. Correct: no headphone jack.
On the headphone jack

I presumed that Apple would not ship with an adaptor, and would also include actual Bluetooth headphones in the box. I was wrong. They are shipping with a pair of Lightning headphones, and a stereo-to-Lightning adaptor. They also introduced a brand new set of $150 Bluetooth headphones, improved upon with proprietary Apple magic (the W1 chip).

Given the amazing features and quality of these Bluetooth headphones (AirPods), there’s no way they could have included them for free with every iPhone, nor should they. An absolute technological marvel, and, though I have yet to see them in person, they look beautiful and exactly what I’d expect from Apple’s take on wireless earbuds.

Regarding the adaptor in the box: this is Apple admitting this is going to be a rough pill for many folks. Recall when iPhone transitioned form the old Dock connector to Lightning and there was no adaptor in the box. Apple was raked over the coals for it. (And, lest we not forget, that adaptor cost $29 separately.) This time the adaptor is included, and only $9 separately, probably the cheapest Apple product ever.

One more thing…

It just didn’t happen. Today marks the 1,000th day since an update to the Mac Pro. I’m sort of shocked there were no new Macs. Guessing an October event might happen.

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