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Approximately once every 4-5 months I put in my MTV Yoga DVD and proceed to breathe and stretch my way through an hour of soul enhancing workout. At approximately the same time I complete this task I tell myself that this will be an activity I conduct daily, except, of course, weekends.

Now as you may have already ascertained, you clever reader you, this plan never works out, except of course in my mind for approximately 5 minutes once every 4-5 months.

I’ve decided, that as a part of my New Year’s Resolution, to try and introduce this activity into my daily consciousness once again. In that vain, I am writing this open article to you, my lovely Internet, in hopes that this will some how act as a contract and force me into participation. So there, it is up to you my dear friends, colleagues, and acquaintances, to ensure that I do indeed participate in one hour of Yoga everyday except for weekends… and perhaps Federal holidays… well, and State holidays I suppose I don’t want to be doing Yoga when I should be recognizing Cesar Chavez, for example… and while I’m qualifying my days off, I probably shouldn’t participate in this activity during the celebration of such important events as: Postal Worker Day.

Has anyone got a calendar of religious holidays as well? And perhaps you should leave your birthday, your closest family’s birthday, etc, in the comments - I don’t want to spoil their fun either…

Oh Yoga! This workout shall be fantastic!

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