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A friend of mine graduated from HSU this week, and while I was helping him pack we stumbled across an old Powerbook G3. This thing may be old, but it is certainly elegant. It is the first version of the Powerbook G3, codenamed “Wall Street”. Dietrich (the friend) and I share the opinion that these particular Powerbooks are reminiscent of a laptop in an Armani suit.

Long story short, since Dietrich never used the machine, and since I had previously owned a Powerbook of this vintage that died on me, he graciously bestowed this gorgeous piece of Ive into my collection. It’s in quite good shape actually, save the dead hinge that opens the lid — it, unfortunately, will not hold the screen up.

Nevertheless, I am impressed by the speed of this baby. It sports an early G3 processor, with 256 Megs of RAM, and OS 9.2. Actually, I suspect this machine will run OS X — but there is no point in that. I prefer it in it’s original, unadulterated, artistic glory. Not to mention that in this state it is prime for running Marathon. One of the most awesome first-person shooters ever made for the Mac, and one of the first ever MPORGs, it floods forward so many memories of High School — and unapproved LAN parties in the band teacher’s office.

Here are some photos of the newest addition to the Apple Art Collection:

Powerbook G3, a Mac laptop in an Armani Suit

Above: Powerbook Closed — A laptop in an Armani suit.

Screenshot of Mac OS 9 About screen

Above: OS 9, 256MB RAM, surprisingly snappy.

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