No Access Memory §

Allow me to detail the process of upgrading the RAM inside of a Mac Mini. Let’s set one thing straight right away, I love Apple. I’m probably a zealot. But this was insanity. I have upgraded RAM on dozens of computers, PCs, Powerbooks, iBooks, other laptops, it’s usually a simple, very straight forward process. None easier than on my Powerbook which involves pulling two tabs on top of the keyboard, lifting the keyboard out and inserting the RAM. Super simple. Let’s get a second thing straight: Apple says that the RAM is user upgradeable.

I’m just going to detail the time and the steps that we took to install this memory.

  1. Kevin (the owner of the Mac mini) had already printed out the 9 pages of instructions from Macworld Magazine, and we needed the Mac mini service kit - two putty knives.

  2. In search of putty knives. We ended up at Target to retrieve the necessary tools - 20 minutes.

  3. The instructions tell us to carefully slide the knives in between the metal outer-casing, and the plastic inner lining. This is oh so much easier sounding then it actually is… - 15 minutes.

  4. Carefully pry the two knives outwards to release the clips holding the two casings together, you will hear popping sounds. Seriously this is tedious, we don’t want to damage the gorgeous device. - 10 minutes.

  5. Once the tabs are released, slide the inner module out. - 5 seconds.

  6. Loosen the screw at the front of the Mac mini between the RAM and the Bluetooth antenna, carefully pull away Bluetooth antenna. - 30 seconds. (You want to be very careful with the Bluetooth antenna, bending it will hurt the signal.)

  7. Remove the RAM, pulling straight up (no 35 degree angle here). That thing is in there tight too! 45 seconds.

  8. Insert new Ram, replace Bluetooth antenna, tighten the screw. - 30 seconds.

  9. Now slide the outer case back on top of the inner module snapping the tabs back into place. Okay, but be careful to line up and attach the REAR first otherwise it won’t close completely and you’ll have to pry it open again, remove the outer case and line it up again. This happened to us 3 times. - 6 minutes.

  10. Turn on and done. Damn.

All in all this engaging endeavor took us 52.8333 minutes. Well I guess the upside is that it took less than an hour. Contrast that to the 30 seconds it takes to add to my Powerbook and you get the idea.

Good luck Mac mini owners! But have faith that it can be done… just make sure that you’ve had dinner and keep a large supply of fresh drinking water nearby…

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