Dear Arnold §

Dear John Arnold,

It’s just not going to work between us. The past couple of years have really shown us exactly what you think of our great state - blatant lies, smear campaigns, and outright disregard of the things that got you elected do all of the talking. And just in case you’re not understanding from your hilarious 33% approval rating, take a look at what “the people” had to say about your ridiculous special election.

While you have yet to announce any plan for re-election (LMAO), let me help you out with that decision: don’t bother. “The people of California” have spoken.

Mr. Governor, let me just end this with a big thank you. Thank you for wasting millions of dollars on this ludicrous display of GOP/Corporate/Special Interest lap-dogging. Thank you for dessimating the state’s social services and education even further. And this thanks is for reals: thank you for putting these decisions to the people, and giving us the chance to stop your spree of destruction before it could spread further.

Enjoy your final year in Sacramento, just sit back and relax, please. I don’t mind paying your salary for you to just shut up and stay out of our government. (Although I shouldn’t have to damn it.) Maybe take up gardening? Our next governor will need the Mansion in tip top shape after all. Even better, I’ll be ecstatic to pay your salary if you should decide to pull an Arriana - you know, getting all liberal progressive and shit.

Okay, I’m not sure there’s much else to say… just some lyrics, “and these kinds of things,” “nah nah nah nah, nah nah nah nah, wave goodbye… nah nah nah nah…” etc.


Charles Klein

PS - Thank you California for not helping to destroy my faith in the democratic process. Thank you Diebold for not owning our voting machines. And, while unrelated, it has occured to me along this train of thought, and deserves a mention, thank you Mr. I. Lewis Libby for the prospect of seeing a man named “Scooter” go to prison.

Update: Daily Kos, as usual, chimes in with his take. $300 million ladies and gentleman - that’s what it cost the tax payers of California to do what our elected legislature did in the first place. What a fool.

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