Designing with Web Standards §

I haven’t said a whole lot lately, because honestly, I’ve been sucked into a really amazing book. As mentioned previously, I ordered Jeffrey Zeldman’s book Designing with Web Standards, and have not been able to put it down. To give me credit, at the same time I have been completely altering this site from the ground up.

Notes from the Trenches

I had decided from the get go that I would switch completely to a strict XHTML design, meaning XHTML for structure and CSS for layout and style. Sticking with that I have made some layout changes, though what you will see in the final product is barely different. I have chosen to stick with the “branding” used on this site now, so the color schemes and fonts, etc, will all be basically the same.

From a technical perspective, the layout is done using CSS floats down to the pixel level. I have opted for Zeldman’s advice and decided against em usage for fonts. I am convinced that this will work out beautifully, and as far as my readers are concerned, it will force me to provide multiple styles. I have’t quite decided what those will be yet, and I’m not nearly ready for that part of the design. At this time, it has been about 4 days, I have just put the layouts in place on the index page. I am now making the finishing touches to the template, and will begin working on new graphics this week.

I’m hoping to obtain a second 17” monitor in the next couple of weeks, and I will try to stay away from making the alternative styles until that is in place. It will be a lot easier to make style sheets for resolutions greater than 1024x768 if I have a monitor capable of supporting resolutions greater than 1024x768.

Quite an Endeavor

As you can tell from this short article, this redesign has become quite the endeavor. It has become much more than I had originally anticipated, and I am really excited about it. From where I stand this new design, so far and hopefully moreso as it goes along, is far superior to anything I have done so far.

The Beta?

I do want feedback! And I do intend to upload what I get into the /beta/ directory of this site. At this point there is nothing there, and I will leave a little note here letting you know when something has been uploaded. I’m not quite done sanding things down and am a little embarassed to proclaim to the world that I have something cool, that really isn’t even close yet. So bear with me.

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