Chronicles of a Mac User in a PC Major: Chapter Two §

I’ve already touched upon my Intro to Operating Systems class in chapter one of the Chronicles, and here I will vent another issue that I am having, and really only realized recently. I am a Computer Information Systems major in order to obtain a fundamental ground in software and hardware to base my intentions toward interface design…

My instructor made a blanket statement in lab the other day trying to relate better to the class. Perhaps it worked for everyone else, except for me. He mentioned that a certain componenet of operating systems was crucial to us because we were going into IT Management. I have not ever wanted, and do not ever want, to go into IT Management. That is not in any way what interests me. Don’t get me wrong, I do not blame my instructor for using such a statement, and it didn’t really strike me at the time in this way. But I have come to realize that I am isolated here in that there is no one else in the CIS major or Art Studio minor persuing similar ends as mine. This makes it very difficult to network and make the oh-so-important connections that we, as college students, are supposed to be endlessly grinding away at producing.

I am often drawn into interesting, thought provoking conversations with a lot of different people on varying subjects in technology, and even art, but never have I found myself in that situation with design, what I actually feel a spark of passion for. This is disturbing to me, because I do, in a sense, feel left out of the community.

Humboldt State is a school for Biology and natural science, that is, afterall, why I chose to attend this school. My original major was indeed Cellular/Molecular Biology with a Pre-Med emphasis - my how the tables have turned, and here I am secluded from any connection with any form of viable design community. And I wonder, does this effect the outcome of my own persuit?

If there is no one here for me to engage in dialogue about this field, and I feel timidly out of place in the outer design community, how am I to succeed? This is a question I analyze daily with no real answer yet on the horizon.

I partake, albeit silently, in the outer design community found on the web, yet my own understanding of the field and perceptions of the underlying philosophy are yet under developed by a combination of factors - I am only beginning my education in the field and there is no real influence of a community where I am persuing that education.

I suppose the ultimate outcome shall be determined by my own ambition and drive to break through these barriers and tackle my own anxiety. In any case, these thoughts only further illustrate the disparity between myself and others in the area I am forced to study under out of utility.

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