Case Study YesVideo Brand & Product

We all have precious memories stuck on old media, just rotting away... YesVideo rescues them to DVD and apps for web & iOS — watch & share, order gifts, even edit your home movies. YesVideo brings your memories to life.

Design Director

YesVideo site and iOS app screenshot

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Case Study The Goodies Co. by Walmart

Discover new foods you’ll love. Goodies was a subscription service that delivered new snacks every month. Find something new, remember an old favorite, Goodies let you discover your tastes.

Lead Product Designer

Goodies site screenshot

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Case Study Memorable Wines

Memorable Wines remembers the wines you love... or want to be sure to forget. With a wine journal on your phone, it's easy to keep track. Snap photos, take notes, share online.

Co-Creator, Developer

Memorable Wines screens

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Case Study Humboldt Magazine Web

The digital issue of the award-winning Humboldt Magazine. To reflect the elegance of the print version, we opted for art directed graphic features with clean typography.

Lead Web Designer, Web Manager

Humboldt Magazine site screenshot

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